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  1. iiYazza

    Je n arrive plus à me tp

    Faut parler anglais.
  2. iiYazza

    Any suggest for next patchs

    I think fix bugs is a constent task ^^
  3. - Delete the character's movements on Aberration when there an earthquake, it's funny at the beginning but very horrible after - On aberration some metal rocks are very hard to destroy in blue zone, probably due to colliders or something like this - On xbox/PS4 the right bumper is useless (RB) you should add the third person view on this button - On Xbox/PS4 It would be great if we hold trigger it continue to drop ressources etc in the inventory - Up health and damage for the rollrat and maybe add the smithy on it like beaver/thorny dragon - Up the spino cause it's very weak and not enought damage - Add more dinos on aberration like megalania, Rex... and add mantis and deathworms on the surface. - There's too much piranas in aberration's rivers - Add more alpha basilisk on aberration - Collect more oil on oil'rock on aberration - A full restart of every official servers every 6 month ?
  4. iiYazza

    Allowing teleporters on Abberation

    It would be great
  5. iiYazza

    Character lost

    Character lost cause of restart servers GG
  6. I was on server 103 45min ago, i transfered my character from obelisk to my server, i spawned in a bed i played about 10min, the server crashed and when everybody reconnected i needed to create a new survivor and there are not any survivors in "Download character".