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  1. Character lost

    Character lost cause of restart servers GG
  2. I was on server 103 45min ago, i transfered my character from obelisk to my server, i spawned in a bed i played about 10min, the server crashed and when everybody reconnected i needed to create a new survivor and there are not any survivors in "Download character".
  3. No spino on Ragnarok

    What can i do with a spino lol ? I don't want to tame it i want to kill it to get spino sail. You need elements to use teleporter, tek throught, tek saddle, etc ... Got 251days times played in official ark server, thank you.
  4. No spino on Ragnarok

    - 1 spino spawn every 1 month in South lake or in canyon. - You can't transfert elements. Thank you
  5. No spino on Ragnarok

    Hi, 1 month now that new ragnarok servers are out and i just find 2 spino in the map, 2 spino in 1 month so i will can do the boss in about 1 year, right ?
  6. Hi, i just lost my baby gigas (14 days breeding) in an big glitch in redwood in the center map, i killed a titan and when i left the giga saddle he just died instantly i took a clip : I got another baby giga blocked in a tree in redwood since 1 week, we made tons of tickets to wildcard admin but no one answer, please can someone help me ?