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  1. Man, pretty cool! going to be checking out his videos more now. thanks!
  2. I'm not 100% sure, but possibly you could be able to play on Local (Single Player) offline without needing a subscription.
  3. Congratulations, You are stuck with a game that will never get updated, will never get patches and when you email the developer, no one gets back to you. It's incredible how a developer who makes a game like this would just leave it hanging like this, Their office must be a huge dumpster.
  4. You need to contact your boy's running the game on the switch cause they are moving trashcan's. nothing but scam artist. I've emailed them and still nothing. We have enough people to start a Petition against you and them for robbing us.
  5. We will never get updates or DLC cause Snail Games is a trashcan and now that pixARK is out, even worse they could care less about Ark.
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