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  1. Developers do not care about the game at all, only release new additions. Instead of removing all the flaws, they add new ones with each addition. How many bases were erased when robots rockets destroyed turrets. Now cloned robots and objects or bp. On a 532 server, we were simply attacked by constantly cloned robots that erased the base of players who spent a lot of time on construction. When you will already do what all honest players expect from you. Why should a tribal leader control what his player does. Why don’t you pull your hands out of your ass and write a program that will prohibit dishonest players from doing everything that they do and ban them
  2. Просто удалите сервера конквест. Кто придумал это? Иди разбей свою голову. Основной состав игроков бросить играть на этих серверах.
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