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  1. I've been doing fine solo on an official PvP server so far. Not sure if it's because it's the island or because I specifically chose a server with a relatively low population. I've been wiped once so far but it was a base out in the open near the easy starter area so I half expected it. I'll see what happens in the future with more thoughtful choices regarding my base and if it ends up being a problem I'll try one of those clusters or perhaps join a small tribe. I'm new and loving this game. Getting griefed is something I like in a game because it's something I enjoy doing at end game so the fact that it happens to me means playing this game yields a good investment.
  2. Hey, I totally agree that the vultures don't sound like they're acting like vultures and that if the wild ones are more OP than the tamed ones that is wacky. Maybe they were all very high level? Perhaps dino-vultures were hunter-scavengers since they were larger and it was a different context/species. But from a gaming perspective, the creature is static and you the player learn to adapt.
  3. I think I'll wait til it's released and see how it's received and check out some videos. More than likely I'll jump in and give it an honest try since I can always return if it's too hard and I know I won't be successful enough to spoil any story plots.
  4. The only one confused was you and we cleared it up with one quick reply so I'm not sure what the issue was. I can't know all of the things commenters will want to know about my situation, that's why they ask. It's not that big of a deal to have a back and forth.
  5. I've lost so many dinos to so many different things and this has happened to me plenty. I'm still new so I'm sure it's happened to you more, but this does help the game and has a positive impact on my experience. I wouldn't enjoy the drudge through the island if it wasn't for all the different threats and I riding a mount shouldn't be a simple escape. It's the constant feeling of insecurity and the work involved to mitigate that insecurity that adds to my enjoyment.
  6. You seem to be confused about what's going on. I'm asking questions and providing information about myself while you're answering and providing me insight into what's going to happen. So i'm listening and responding to what you're saying. I'm not arguing, I'm providing the points for each side. I think you're upset because I haven't merely accepted what you've said and because our experiences aren't identical. I'm not looking for opinions to sway me, I'm just interested in learning what they are so I can use them as factors in my decision-making. You have explained in good detail and I've understood it.
  7. Lol of course I'm arguing both sides, I'm split between the two. My experience in this game, as every game I've ever played, is drastically different from how the game's are talked about on forums. I've never had an issue with tribes or the trust of other players in this game. There's every kind of person and I plan accordingly. If discussing my decision with me is too much work for you than don't bother. This thread is for people willing to provide their opinion and insight in relation to my inquiries. Posts are never perfect and there's always someone who criticizes it for not having the correct information presented.
  8. The full game is multiplayer PvP, anything less is added restrictions to that. It won't be loads of them against me. If there are tribes I might find one I belong with. I have tribes on my server and they don't bother me at all. The whole reason for thinking Genesis might be a good idea is precisely because lots of tribes will be going there and so I might be able to find people to play with. The alternative is staying where I am, which is solo on the island with a low pop server.
  9. That's why I'm greatly considering it. Will people be able to transfer their characters to Genesis? I'm not worried about the story because I'm not even going to get any story out of Genesis. As a new player, if Genesis will be transfer-locked for 3-4 months that's a huge incentive for me to purchase and play it. I really want to start off on a server on the same footing as everyone else for once. That'd be really cool. I'll still be solo, but the map will be both barren and unexplored. Just the aspect of discovering it while it's still undiscovered is cool in and of itself.
  10. I mean, PvP is the default so I figured it'd go without saying because I didn't specify single player or PvE mode. But either way, I'd like to go through the story but I can still play Genesis and return to my island character here and there and then after Genesis. Team/alliance is a no-go. It's best to assume I'll be solo because I'm unlikely to find a tribe/group of people to play with. That's sort of why I'm thinking Genesis might be worth it because if everyone jumps on then I'm thinking there'll be a lot of activity and people to team up with. Realistically, I can't see myself beating the island for at least a couple months, so I don't really care if it happens now or later in the year. I'm still slowly progressing through early game and figuring it all out. The game's very hard alone so if Genesis is not likely to yield many more friends than any other server than it's not worth it. Do you know what Valguero was like when it was first released? Was it flooded?
  11. Thanks for the responses. I ended up transferring to remove the disease and then got diseased again by a guy I diseased a couple days ago lol, but I removed that too with a server transfer.
  12. That's what the wiki said. I've been prepping... I need 10 arrows +2 p/lvl of each rhino, multiplied by 3, plus extra in case I miss and because I won't know what levels they are. I just want to die.
  13. I assumed the horns were 100% chance for 1 since... you know... they all have 1. I like the whole idea of diseases and having to cure them, but the swamp is so close to where you start the game. I had to look up how to remove the leech and then it wasn't for like an hour before I realized I was even sick. It was just too early in the game for me and at an unlucky time. Definitely do a naked run, but I'll more than likely just continue farming resources while I wait for a drop to appear near my base. If one doesn't show up within like an hour I'll go to the obelisk. i'll have to be naked anyway since I'll be fast traveling to get there.
  14. I know... my new base is next to like 3 drops and I can always teleport to my old base and run to the obelisk. I only haven't because no one told me precisely what I'd need to do and how long it'd take, and also because it feels like a cheap trick. I'd rather cure it, but f*** it this whole game is cheap.
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