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  1. This is actually higher than you think. Its the 4th most voted because the votes got screwed up when the suggestions were merged wrongly. Those 19 are additions to at least 30 people if not more. This goes to show the wildcard devs should reconsider saying that no.
  2. This solution is better but the only reason that all official pvp servers (well I guess aside from classic) is because of the mesh, there are many bases in the mesh and I'm sure you all agree everyone should lose everything including characters to return to the state prior to meshing. Saying that they should implement mesh fixes for common methods before doing this.
  3. Any way to fix this or do we have to vote again? Just curious because I can see it still as 3rd most voted and we know that it was one of the highest suggestions.
  4. You say that but the thing is most of your playerbase want this, this was one of the most upvoted suggestions despite you guys saying no, (until this recent mistake of yours). The fact is your playerbase believes that the resources should be invested into this. This is probably the only content the community will accept. Simply put, a new boss, some new creatures on an existing map won't create many problems. Aberration and Extinction broke the game to where we are now. Scorched Earth Ascension, unlike other content, i.e a new map/game mode cannot be as harmful. Those resources are better in this setting. Also you can tell we want this when we still push for it after it was gone. Don't worry about getting hopes up people just want to push you guys to do it.
  5. Wildcard have indeed sad that, but it doesn't mean the fans don't want it. TBH the fact that it still is in game suggestions shows that people really want this. In fact people have pushed to get ahold of modders so that they can make this a reality and push it in the main game. In fact at the very start of last year it was said that it and the tek wyvern saddle could come out. Also the claim it was finished is flawed considering that the phoenix ended up being added, and it was originally said way back when sourced was released it would get lots of new content (phoenix isn't lots). Also the claim regarding the lore is not valid because it only says how helena got off the station, not us. We should be able to get off the station to aberration through an ascension because the chances are that ascension would be how we got to aberration. The thing is we are not helena and we need to see a cutscene to find out. Otherwise we just magically teleported which is not true. Also this map has only died out because of generator decay. Otherwise the map would be playable for most people because surprisingly enough the map is loved. It is just unlivable on official due to the stupid generator needing constant repair not being difficult but a pain in the ass. Well that and Ragnarok.
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