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  1. I want to comment again as an update. Recently wars on Xbox have revealed that Valentines Day Chocolates are still in the game. I am wondering if WildCard can wipe Items from the game? Similar to how they did with the extremely high level Rexes that were patched on legacy. (They were prevented from hatching and the eggs disappeared.) I am afraid this will get worse. If WildCard cannot get the chocolates out of the game then an official server wipe must be necessary. Ced I hope you read this and get this over to the people who can remedy this issue. Chocolates were overpowered when they were introduced and they now still are on Xbox all these months later.
  2. I don’t think a map should have been priority. Meshing still exists and the new system has no active way of prevention. Also duping exists heavily on Xbox Consoles and thus the servers should be wiped to get rid of Meks and Chocolates which are still available and exist on servers.
  3. So it may be oblivious to WildCard and that is not a shot at them. I’m not sure how invested you are in Xbox but let me say this. The official servers are a disaster. They need to wiped. There is an absolute ton of duped loot in the game. Recently the megas went at it and when one side meshed the FOB they found over 40 Valentine’s Day chocolates. These are obviously duped along with the insane amount of 256 level meks that Everyone has on Xbox officials. I have proof of all of this and more. I am heavily invested in ark and want the best for it. The best move is wiping the Xbox official servers.
  4. The implementation of the Turret cap has been frustrating and confusing. As it stands there is an indicator on turrets when you hit 100 but from there on out you are left alone to the wolves to figure out where you can place your next set of turrets. I propose an indicator much like the tek generator “show range” ability. This would make placing turrets less stressful, time consuming and bothersome. or... removing the cap all together would also help.
  5. I am a collectible guy and here is a pic of my greenhouse using some of the new S+ structures . I use snow owls for their pellets and every floor is accessible via an elevator inside!
  6. The current state for mutations is fine. You act like getting a stat mutation is easy. We are breeding non stop every two days to try and get mutations. It’s hard work. 1/560 chance. You’re just mad because you can’t compete!
  7. Bad take. No need to wipe officials. If you got left behind, that’s on you. Wiping Official now would kill the game even more.
  8. What a sorry excuse of an explanation. Team WildCard has FAILED to provide ANY solutions to fixing the mesh issues. A simple hotfix removing chairs, climbing picks and disabling crabs would have at least made it look like you guys actually care but I’m afraid you all just don’t care. We have been dealing with this issue and many more for YEARS! Your response is “Submit a report” “Don’t make it common knowledge.” We submit reports!!! NOTHING GETS DONE! The only common sense solution is to go PUBLIC so that way you all can no longer push it back or flat out IGNORE THE PROBLEM. I am so grateful that someone with a platform went public with this because if I had a platform I would have went public a year ago! From here on out WE EXPECT CHANGES! THIS RESPONSE WONT STOP US FROM BRINGING THIS UP UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE! We are sick of putting in countless hours for it to be meshed by some cheater!! (AND FOR GOD SAKES, GET WITH THE MODERN ERA OF DEVELOPMENT, MAKE A DAMN VIDEO UPDATE FROM TIME TO TIME.)
  9. The devs don’t even know what they want.
  10. I’ve seen the titan mesh with my own eyes. WildCard has lost its ability to do anything. It’s sad really. Great game, crushed by devs who don’t want to take responsibility for their poor design.
  11. When will we get FPS optimization options? I can’t stand it anymore. Please help us!
  12. Exactly and here on console the ark GMs are corrupt and allow meshing and also have tribes in their pockets. Sick stuff.
  13. Well basically every single time I transfer off my extinction server to any other server I crash to the dashboard. When I open Ark again my screen goes wild and portrays the menu in a way that makes it look like my screen is broken. So far only solution I have found to fix this screen issue is to try to log in a server or hard reset the console. As for the crashing off extinction servers I have found no solution. Any help or fix by the devs would be awesome! I would upload a picture but the forums file size is extremely small.
  14. As mesh wars continue to run rampant on Xbox Official servers when will the real ark developers step up to the plate and address this issue that is killing the PVP aspect of the game? The apparent “GMs” Of The Xbox ark team are extremely biased and non-trustworthy, often allowing meshing to happen. The team needs to step up and install new counter measures. Killzones galore and get rid of the items that enable meshing (Chairs, benches, climbing picks, zip lines ect.) I don’t care if a tames falls through the mesh and instantly dies. I’d rather that happen then my base get utterly shafted by some loser who meshes and uses climbing picks and c4 to destroy everything.
  15. It is from my understanding that you guys tend to ignore paying customers but is there any plans to optimize the game for the glaring performance issues on Xbox Official servers?
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