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  1. I'm experiencing the same couldn't not retrieve address and yesterday after the update I lost my character transfering to another server I already made ticket and send them link and clip of what exactly and how it's happene I'm still waiting for their respond
  2. happens to a friend flying on mana and the server freezes for few seconds and then everything disappears like when u died but doesn't say u died!!!! so now happens to me 2 time I have clips!! its seems to be happens when some player join server there's a little freeze time like lag and its make u to return into the spawn menu!! before that there's not beacon no bag no player body and tames disappear like the game erase everything!! and its happening when u r ridding mana!! in islandmap !! this is happening frequently in pvp official servers on xbox one I have 2 clips of that 1 was me on 1 of my imprinted mana and the second time was a tribe mate running 1 of my imprinted mana!! so I already lost 2 tame because of that and stuff!! pls fix!!
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