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  1. I’m on Primitive + if that helps
  2. I’m playing on SE and certain don’t seem to be placeable. This includes Metal Pillars and Elevator Tracks. These items are in my inventory and hotbar, and when I go to place them, they don’t show up. They stay in the place object “mode” but are invisible and just keep saying No Object Snap or Ground.
  3. pgark? Sorry I don’t play enough as I should....
  4. I have Ark Xbox One. The game keeps crashing every 15 or so minutes. It does this on various profiles, on various settings, on various Arks. Creative and Normal both crash. It resets it to the last save, 15 or so minutes before. By the time I get caught up to where I was, it crashes again. Please help. I literally cannot play. Maybe this is a simple issue on my part, I don’t know.
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