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  1. I can't I'm sorry but this is my school computer so the link is blocked
  2. I've always thought that the original earth died off and that the survivor was created by a machine to repopulate the island in order to keep the human species alive.
  3. How often do you find an eerie equus? How often do you find and eerie equus, I would just like to know the probability.
  4. One other thing, can you do both the masking and agro scent using the pachyrhinosaurus?
  5. Is it possible to make your spino walk on two legs in mobile? I have yet to find a way to get my spino to walk on two legs. Can you give any tips?
  6. How do you make your animals run away when attacked? When you are going exploring with one of your animals and suddenly get attacked what setting should you put it on to let it run away instead of it attacking your attacker?
  7. Thanks a bunch, by the way what server do you play on XaosRes?
  8. I know you can do pursuits for soothing balm but i am not a high level yet.
  9. How do you get soothing balm without buying it?
  10. Equus taming pursuit I chose to try the equus taming pursuit and it told me to gather 4 rockcarrots. I grabbed my trike gathered 13 rockcarrots just in case. I went and found an equus and hopped on it. Can somebody tell me why it said to bring 4 when 13 wasn't enough. I need some tips.
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