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  1. As someone who lives in New South Wales i can agree to this that we need help, any help, it would all be appreciated greatl
  2. Offline wiping needs to be prevented Ok so heres the thing I've been on Official PVP narry on a week its good fun i like it the sense of danger is there to keep me entertained, what does not entertain me and im sure most will agree is coming back online from a good night sleep or a day at work to having to respawn at a random location because your base has been wiped out while you're offline and can't defend yourself Another thing to, if you have a tribesmen that lives in a different time zone call you unexpectedly at the ungodly hours of the morning when you're in a deep sleep screaming "hey get on we're being attacked", i don't know about everyone else but i don't like the idea of losing sleep to my games Now I'm not asking for anything special or hard to do, but the Offline Damage Prevention of PVE would make playing PVP more fun as it would force players to fight other players for things, as of right now you can't even call it Player verses Player its more like Player verses Poor soul who can't defend themself because they're asleep or at work Other than this little change i see nothing else to change with PVP as it is
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