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  1. I had to to add you but I see that you were finally able to join lol. I'm going to setup a discord and all that later on, just not at home during the holidays so it's hard for me to edit settings and such. I'll most likely make it public public after they fix the storage containers not being able to lock.
  2. PVE storages still unlocked.. So I seen posts on here from 2016 bringing up this issue and still don't have this fixed? Am I missing the setting somewhere or what's up.. All storage bins on my PVE dedicated server are unlocked and can't be locked. I can put a pin code but that's it.
  3. You must add the profile and I'll add back. This is to avoid unwanted players. Server isn't fully setup settings wise, I can not find the settings to auto lock storage bins and such...
  4. Fawxxy's Dreamland 24/7 Xbox NA Server Hey all! I've created a dedicated server that will be up for the next few months and well see at that time where to go. I made this server as ARK official servers on xbox are nothing but land claimed pillars and toxicity. I wanted to play on a server where everyone is friendly and welcomes new people as oppose to telling them to leave. I wanted as minimal settings modifications as possible while still making it enjoyable. Perks: 2.5x Taming 1.5x resources RPG damage No building decay No admins (Therefore no abuse, all bans will be done through the server itself) There are few rules to this server, these are all obvious ones including all of Ark's Official server rules. No pillar claiming. This will result in an instant ban Any unwelcoming behavior in chat. This will result in an instant ban To join just add the host profile and join session, GT: Burito Happy taming!
  5. Are you doing the old recipes or the new ones? I had the same issue when the update first came out but in the past week at some point it fixed itself.
  6. Title says it all, I was making my way back to base when raptors started running after me. As I go to get on my Managarmr it decided to fly away... Literally... So I died and took my pteradon there and he's just flying away into space. Tried getting him to follow, jumping on his back... Everything I could. Now he is over the sky barrier and continues to go higher. Now I just want to get my dino back as so many days were put into the game just to get to where we are.. And now out of nowhere the server glitches and steals my dino with all the stuff in it.
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