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    pve Dads on Ark PVE cluster

    Sorry https://discord.gg/ez9nP9m
  2. Dads on Ark is a new cluster of servers run by a few dads just having some fun. We welcome anyone to our server to join in the fun with us. The server is boosted to make playing easier for people that can only play an hour to 2 hours a day. Maps are: The Island 10 slots Ragnarok 10 slots (Admins play here) And a rotating Map for bosses and Taming voted on in Discord May open another map or more slots should we need it. XP: x3 Harvesting: x5 Taming: x5 Baby hatch: x50 Baby Mature Speed : 50 Food/Drink drain: 0.75 Unlimited Respec: On Anyone Can Cuddle: On Cave Flyers: On Corpse Locator: On Dinos gain boosts to levels in weigh Rules are simple. No building in loot caves No pillar spam Clean up old bases and taming pens. These are the basic rules. For more visit our Discord for voting, information and ideas. Discord: https://discord.gg/ez9nP9m To join search DOA or Dads on ark