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  1. They explained why they can't do this. Your phone wouldn't be able to handle the game. Unlike minecraft, this game isn't what you would consider "light". So that is not an option have a nice day
  2. I understand your point of view, but i wanted to express how i feel about the "god console" at the moment its more of a help console. And about abuse?? Most admins that abuse have an empty or low pop server, because they well.. abuse! I don't expect them to add this in 1-3 weeks. But i think they could atleast give us the ability to do it after they made enough money out of dungeons?? The reason i made this post was, because someone in wardrum said they won't be adding it. I don't know if they mean that they will never be adding it or they won't be adding it atm. Also i tried to make the post not look like a complaint, because that's not what its supposed to be. @nintendogamer7
  3. That's the point of this post. To discuss the limits of the "god console"
  4. But can he spawn in eery element? Because its not possible atm.
  5. God Console? Or shall we call it the "help console"?? *Please note*: If you do not have god console or admin console please think about us too and not just about non admins. I'd like to start with the recent update: Ark 2.0 with the introduction of TEK. I've found out that Eery element hasn't been added to the god console!? Alot of admins/God console owners have been complaining about this?? Reasons: 1. They would like to have a chance to try these stuff out in creative mode. 2. TEK reimbursement?? Alot of admins provide reimbursements if people lose their items(not purchased with amber), because of a bug/crash. Devs have been working really hard, but bugs still occur. These are the 2 most common reasons people i know have been complaining about. Devs have been doing alot of good work and we appreciate that, but please can we(God console owners/admins) atleast be able to enjoy the new TEK update? I have nothing against dungeons or the way tek works. I understand that it shouldn't be easy to obtain, but i believe that God console owners/admins should be able to atleast spawn in eery element.(not the blueprints for TEK) OR you could just change the name to "Help Console" Keep up with the good work. Thank you.
  6. Hey Have you tride sidesync?? Its not an emulator but it does its job. Keyboard controls isn't support by the game itself yet, but there are some controls on it. I'm using controller and mouse(to use inventory) Hope it helps... You need android btw
  7. Keyboard and mouse?? Hi, I just wanted to know if there are any plans for adding keyboard and mouse controls for ark mobile?
  8. ugh... wut.. nvm then Kind of weird since i made this topic in the ark mobile forum
  9. Uhm this is mobile forum. We don't have tek yet. But i just hate how (normal)doors auto close when i want it to stay open
  10. Yes i did that but if i "activate" the door opens and eventually closes again
  11. Auto closing doors Hi Is there a way to make pin locked doors not close automatically?? I use a base layout that requires non auto closing doors, but i can't do this with pin locks.
  12. Yes great answers, but most people would want to solo kidnap. Especially when you have the gear to do so(gas mask, poison grenade)
  13. Hey thanks for the reply But i meant transporting unconscious players as prisoners. I don't intend on killing people that i manage to KO(It's more profitable to imprison them) My only problem so far is that I can't safely drag people to my prison. By the way i found out that you can grapple the victim and fly it to your base with a griffin.
  14. Yep... My tribemate found out that beavers drop free metal battlements
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