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  1. You are a god. Holy guacamole. I've been collecting Explorer notes for a day now and I'm at level 62 right now. I started doing this yesterday almost exactly 24 hours from the time I'm writing this post. I'll do the cave running and maybe buy intense focus with the natural amber I've collected so far.
  2. I would also really like to have a force taming feature for the God console. I will pay just to have this feature on the god console.
  3. Just an idea I had: What if multiple players could play together on a locally saved world via wifi. Ex: Players are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and one person hosts the world. The host can set up the settings for said world just like in private servers. I find this to be a great way to play with friends or siblings who want to play together in a world by themselves. It would be a nice way to attract more users who enjoy a small number of players but can't rent a server for whatever reason. Whether it be financial issues or something didn't work properly with Nitrado. Edit: There should likely be a player limit to avoid performance issues. Maybe a max of 12 players. Or maybe have a flexible player limit that depends on the user's device.
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