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  1. Not me, aside from doing the fishing mission, the whole frozen lake is empty. Do you have coordinates?
  2. No Trout / Otters Genesis SP. Genesis SinglePlayer has no Trout/Otters spawning in on them. It may be tied to the other dinos not spawning, or it may not. Have done multiple Dino Wipes. Any others people notice missing?
  3. It's not just you, I fully uninstalled and re-installed and deleted save data, and just am now finding it happened to others.... I'm extremely pissed
  4. Hey look a 4th Community Crunch dedicated to the Migration, with little content elsewhere. Seriously guys? A months worth of crunches for one damn thing? It's a good thing it happens tomorrow, I'm tired of hearing about it. Last week was a nice change and now you are right back to the old crap.
  5. Because they don't care about consoles. That's 3 useless crunches in a row now. 2 about auto-decay and one about Legacy. The same repeated answers about, no plans to bring anything to console, how hard fixes are, or that they are aware of problems. Nothing new. -Jen- disappears for days on end dodging our questions then updates about her "cool new tattoo". -Ced- Seems to be doing good with communicating, but again no definitive answers other then a proverbial, "Maybe" If this company really care about their customers, there would be a lot more communication. They would try to quash as many rumors as fast as they can [I.E. the additional Maps that people talk about] They would make updates for consoles come out a lot more consistently. [By making a constant submission process to Microsoft maybe? Like every other Friday, and update us when they don't submit anything...i dunno] Switch implementation is non existent anymore. I understand they are a company and have a lot of shizz in the air to juggle, but their community leaders suck plain and simple. I will be surprised if consoles get anything more than "Quality of Life" updates anymore. Get your act together Wildcard.
  6. I'd also like to request this spreadsheet.
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