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  1. Khaotix

    pve Tek Transmitter

    Which boss fights unlock Tek Transmitter? I know alpha and beta rag does, but what other fights
  2. Khaotix

    pve boss fighting

    Are you still doing this? I need alpha rag please
  3. Khaotix

    Boss Fights on official PvE

    What server you play on I need a boss fight to unlock the Tek transmitter
  4. Khaotix

    pve PVE boss fight free

    Do you still offer this? I need alpha dragon on rag. I play official PVE ps4
  5. Khaotix

    pve Rag Boss Fight

    Rag 461
  6. Khaotix

    Looking for a hard rag boss fight

    I’m Looking as well
  7. Khaotix

    pve Rag Boss Fight

    I’m Looking To Do a hard Rag Boss Fight To Unlock engrams or that I can sit in on, I have my own Rex, I just need to unlock engrams
  8. Khaotix

    Rag BOSS fight

    Looking to do a beta or alpha rag boss fight, Need it To Unlock engrams please. I’ve been searching for people but haven’t found anyone