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  1. hey everyone i need some more help. I've gotten myself into the low 30's but i don't know what to put my levels in.
  2. thanks I think thats all the info I need
  3. Thanks I think i'm good on that part now. But if anyone has tips on building I would gladly take the advice.
  4. thanks for the info. But I've been having trouble with fiber, rock, and keratin is there an easier way to collect it?
  5. ok, but were exactly do I gigas? and what should I put my level into.
  6. thanks. what dino do you suggest I tame, what material should I use for the pen , and should I join a low, or high level tribe.
  7. I am a new player to ark, and i would like some tips on what I should do. Anything will help.
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