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  1. I know the devs cofirmed scorched earth will always be incomplete and they have no plans to give it love. But thats not why I'm here. Well it kinda is. Is any modder willing to add new creatures and possibly a new tek cave into scorched and give it the tlc that wildcard refuse. I just thought if we can get that sponsored mod, we can complete scorched earth. If not I am interested in learning how to use the dev kit if anyone is willing to teach. I have a few ideas for creatures like ninetailed fox (slightly stronger and similar sized to a giga and can pin for a few seconds, taming method; must be killed and claim baby(prevents players from just obtaining such a power house instantly)), thunder bird only during electrical storms (SImilar to a pheonix but stuns instead of burn) , two headed winged snake (can coil enemys), cerberus (a better stated wolf), Sand sharks and other desert/mythical creatures.These creatures are obviously exclusive to the mod and scorched if the mod makes it. Tek cave, really just reuse the same layout except change the dino spaws. Boss: tbh a reskin of the atlas hydra would make a lot of sense as something for wyverns to take down. Tek items, tbh the tek forge from s plus, tek wyvern saddle and either a tek shotgun or tek photocopier for blueprints would be nice on official but these items should come with this mod. i know i am asking for alot but I figured i should go big any of you see this as a good idea. This is kinda for fans like me who enjoy the lore and as an official player, I think this stuff would revive the "worst map" in this game. thanks of hearing out my idea, hope you guys like it and maybe we can create something great.
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