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  1. I tried A text conversation with Nintendo customer support and they wouldn’t refund me, they just said to contact me retailer for a refund over and over again
  2. My sole purpose of creating my account has been accomplished so happy really hope this is true
  3. That’s the truest thing I’ve ever heard lol classic
  4. Here’s a quality of life improvement FIX NINTENDO SWITCH ARK
  5. When will Nintendo switch version be updated?? It’s a big rip off and a lie because apparently it was supposed to have FULL GAME CONTENT. What did we get instead? For our hard-earned 60 dollars, we got NO MAPS (except the island) NO DLC, NO MODS, NO EVENTS EVEN!! I know the ark staff read the forums, can you please clear this up for us?? When do we get our moneys worth?
  6. I agree lol my name! What can be done to get these deva to add maps?
  7. I’m a switch player as well, and as I’m too poor to buy a PS or Xbox I can’t try ur fancy valguero. It would be awesome if anyone has info as to if and when updates for switch will be coming. And to all you whiny PS4 and XB1 players constantly complaining about no valguero, just remember you could be in the same boat as me, NO maps, NO mods, NO events, NO DLC! So quit complaining about ur valguero or your cancelled evo event, you have the proper version of ark.
  8. Kitalon i saw the same theory on the YouTube channel ark switch survival guide, maybe you got it from there? They r like the only switch ark YT channel with like 2 or 3 k subs
  9. What do they want from us? Do we need to start a riot or something for them to make good on their promise to add full game content including dlcs?
  10. Srrsly? I have had only 2 crashes in 75 hours of play, and all you need to do to save is go into pause menu, then settings. I will admit the graphics are sub-par, but I bought my switch to play splatoon and smash bros, not ark, or other high powered games like that. I will say, ark on switch seems kinda ok to me, but I never played ps4 lol. I'm not a big ark superfan, and buying a ps4 just for ark seems like a waste ya know?
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