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  1. Due to total lack of switch updates, very few people play ark switch regularly. on average, most servers have 1-6 players on at a time. if you have ANY other device that can handle ark get it on that
  2. I tried A text conversation with Nintendo customer support and they wouldn’t refund me, they just said to contact me retailer for a refund over and over again
  3. So you are telling me that I just have to contact nintendo, ask for a refund, and I still get to keep the game?? I mean honestly my only beef with the game is the lack of dlc, but if I can keep the game and still get 60 dollars Canadian credit, I will definitely do that
  4. I bought mine from the source, physical, how would I go about getting a credit. also did you have to return the game to get a credit or did u get to keep it
  5. My sole purpose of creating my account has been accomplished so happy really hope this is true
  6. That’s the truest thing I’ve ever heard lol classic
  7. Yes I guess that’s true, but it would be nice if WC would at least acknowledge us in community crunch or something
  8. Will classic pvp come to switch? Pls
  9. Here’s a quality of life improvement FIX NINTENDO SWITCH ARK
  10. Arghghghghghgh I. Want to play the other maps on switch so bad
  11. tNot happened to me, but then again I haven’t used the argent birds very much, mostly just on carno island. Thanks for mentioning that bug tho I’ll hopefully not lose mine. I’ve never lost a animal, just a pteranodon under similar circumstances when I went swimming and my bird that was behind me was gone. Idk if it got killed but I don’t think so
  12. It’s ok, but it needs dlc, especially for the ONLY switch ark players like myself. Graphics and bugs don’t bother me as much tho I’d love them to be fixed, it’s the dlc I need
  13. When will Nintendo switch version be updated?? It’s a big rip off and a lie because apparently it was supposed to have FULL GAME CONTENT. What did we get instead? For our hard-earned 60 dollars, we got NO MAPS (except the island) NO DLC, NO MODS, NO EVENTS EVEN!! I know the ark staff read the forums, can you please clear this up for us?? When do we get our moneys worth?
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