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  1. Hi there, Does anyone have a solution? As you know, beehives on Ragnarok can have upward of 100 (I counted while they "broke") empty bee hives overlapping the only active one, which is hidden somewhere in the mix. For almost a year now, the longneck (or shotty, ect) no longer damage bee hives. This was always my solution in the past for cutting the clutter and getting a living queen to drop. That same reference (as most other more recent posts) suggest using a bear to break the hives. Today I killed queens with wyverns, griffins, pikes even c4 (I tried literally everything). The queen always dies when her "correct" hive is discovered and broken. So in a final attempt to test all theories, I went and built a platform and uncryoed a bear on another active hive "collective". Maybe there is some secret magic "don't-kill-the-bee" bear buff I don't know about (saying it out loud is fun too)? but alas, the results were the same: The bear broke empty hive after hive - then suddenly at a completely random moment like all previous dinos and explosives, I get another message that my bear killed a queen bee level 5. I'm calling it. Broken tame mechanic.
  2. Improvement Ideas for Drops, Water and Mushrroms Hi guys. First don't get me wrong I love ab and its where I spend the most time on our cluster. But we have had a lot of negative feedback from newer players about the map and I am attempting to consolidate some suggestions that I think would make it more appealing. 1) Finding a drop. "How do I leave aberration??" This is the number one most overwhelming complaint, some leaving ab forever over this one thing. Suggestion: Almost every new player tries to tame a bulbdog. Add "Show nearest drop when lit" option, as a player-only-sees beam directly to the nearest drop location for five seconds (no path finding) 2) Where's my water? There is obviously mixed success with condensation tanks from the many posts I have read on the subject. Wildcard should properly address this so condensers are more reliable and productive on aberration (2x) granting full irrigation effects for the cooker etc similar to the well update (ab only). Also pipe height limits are a ridiculous concept on ab and should be eliminated for that map. 3) Make ab gas a thing. Right now I have to haul hundreds of weight in green gems and gas balls to make a fraction of the gas that I can otherwise make on Rag with a lot less effort. So my current solution is to tell abs gas offering to go back into the isolated hole from where is came and continue using Rag. I suggest Ab gas grind yield 3x more from chem bench, then its worth using. I know ab is supposed to be hard, but don't be miserly too. 4) Gems and Mushrooms should be more relevant. Seriously why do we even have all this stuff?? Nobody from any of the other maps cares about it except when they want a cliff plat or a wing suit. Again, greater effort should yield greater reward. Here is a proposed direct substitute table: Green Gem = Flint Blue Gem = Scrap Metal (yes you can melt down gems now) Red Gem = Hard Poly Aggeravic Mushroom = Bug Repellant (3 seconds per) Benefits of Aquatic and Auric Mushrooms should be boosted (something like 3x) Ab mushrooms should grow in Island artifact caves .. where we see mushrooms growing .. making the easier artifacts possible to attain without any other gear or dinos as a point of skill (see Aggeravic Mushroom above). It would also introduce island players to the concept of mushrooms as a form of ab-promo.
  3. Same. My guess is that Ark devs accidentally broke the Mindwipe timers whilst writing new timers for Genesis. And now, there is no way to reference what everyone's original timers should be, because they have long since expired. So the original number "12428" was just a symptom of everyone's broken mindwipe clocks. WC likely knew that latest "fix" was purely cosmetic, hardcoding a "1d" cap but still not addressing the broken the timer logic itself, which may involve some kind of unwanted changes or even new bugs in Genesis on their side. Hard to say, but that is what this is starting to look like to me. So they keep us in the dark and string us along with "fake patches" while they figure out what to actually do. EDIT: If anyone has connection to WC staff, please forward my previous suggestion that seems to have disappeared: There should be an admin command version of the mindwipe, both for self (mindwipe 0) and others (mindwipe PLayerid) which bypasses any and all timers, with instant effect. Why we need this: In cases on private clusters where normal mindwipe isn't an option or isn't working correctly (like now) In cases where simply replacing a character isn't an option due to imprints, ownerships, time constraints etc. In cases where immediate mindwipe is warranted for some reason, but admin doesn't want to enable bAllowUnlimitedRespecs accross the entire cluster. Why don't we already have this command??
  4. WC. YOU DIED. Attempting actual fix for basic bug. WC respawn on beach as naked ass flogging latest DLC while breaking the basics, as usual.. Alpha comes with Giga .. MUNCH EDIT: Witnesses say that the Giga didnt care that character "DEV---" fixed an exploit for her Ferox. Yummy all the same .
  5. The 307.4 "fix" was completely superficial. All that they did was make sure that the timer never exceeds the display value of "1d" - but the timer doesn't actually work or count down. After several hours, transferring to another server, starting from primitive scratch and building to craft new tonic while trying to save a lvl 107 toon, etc it STILL and ALWAYS displays "1d".
  6. We have a case on our cluster as well (boosted no mods). Specifically, one player mindwiped his character for a temporary change and left for several days. When the player logged off a week ago, noted the mindwipe was approx 13hr remaining. They returned two days ago and the time had changed to 12428 days same as all of the others. The timing therefore seems at least coincident to the genesis DLC release. We are advising against mindwipe on our cluster until the issue is resolved. Edit: There should be an admin command version of the mindwipe which can overrule any timer. Certainly if I can change a players name, teleport him around etc surely I can reset his stats as well. Should be implemented as fallback for future cases as right now there is absolutely nothing that I can do for the player .. on my own damn cluster .. > <
  7. Or even more importantly, the ability to zoom in or out. My guess it would take tek to move the spyglass beyond our tenth century, although cryostasis so simple we can learn at level 51 (about one day decent grind for a new char on official) But your suggestion is sound, Spikeaka83. It makes sense that, at some point, it should be as easy to tell high health and melee dinos as it is their level (I mean, how exactly is "level" observed anyway, lol jk) Like other well-deserved time savers for higher level characters they would spend less time taming (and I would get less DB lookup requests on my dedi servers!@!) ... and you would still have the unknown taming bonus distribution anyway. So this really makes sense. I mean, for such an essential item the spyglass gets literally no advancement in the entire game. That's just weird. BUT HAVE ZOOM AS WELL.
  8. Ability to Spawn Glowbug on Other Maps via ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer Since we seem to be in the mood for some QOL fixes I do have one Last I checked there was absolutely no vanilla mechanism, even on dedicated server clusters, to recharge batteries on maps other than extinction or ab. Perhaps while more convenient on those maps via terminals, it should be at least possible to spawn glowbugs for the others if we want. The last information I have is that there is a "bug" with the glowbugs and it doesn't work for any map except ab. References: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1692662302103329353/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1694920442943350750/ Yes I have tried it on beaches, in caves, even in the highlands. Strangely, they (and only they) won't spawn this way. Ever. My information might be a little dated, so others might want to confirm.
  9. What you mean is still unclear, without automatically changing the interval or without manually changing the interval? If you are speaking in favor of only the automatic adjustment, I stand by my previous response. The default math that was offered was simply just wrong. Is this a single-player versus server admin discussion? Because. Like I said before. Server admins already have the manual setting they way they want therm for their servers and you wont convince us that someone else's timer is better. Single player is different because its not a shared gaming environment. Nobody cares if you have your "slider" at 100x (if it is possible) since it's only your own PVE anyway. Still, the math should be way better than the rubbish offered with 300.2 in any case (if you read the thread again, you will see even single-player mode was complaining). I am still struggling to understand your position clearly so I am going with what I think you mean.
  10. Lol or you could try explaining yourself more clearly?
  11. If you are talking about the interval before 302.2, yes, but they adjusted it incorrectly. You should read the thread more carefully then. Some servers were were immediately imprinting 100% while other like ours were imprinting every five minutes and finishing at the fraction of time represented by the growth multiplier (e.g. at 12x you were finishing all imprint at 1/12 the time that the baby needed to grow - like just two hours for a 100% giga). Most server admins don't need any automatic adjustment as we already have our growtmultipliers and cuddleintervals calculated the way we like for our servers. The problem became even more of an issue when it was discovered that this behavior didn't reflect the official version of the game because it only kicked in at 4x and higher, like they knew the idea was broken and just sent a "screw-you" to unofficial with high maturation rates.
  12. Then they misjudge younger audiences. There are literally dozens of TEK-MEK video games that all look the same to me. What younger audience always rave on is what's cool and DIFFERENT. Ark WAS different, but now it's trying to be the same - and it's rubbish. Kids literally LOVE dinosaurs and always will. This WAS Ark's bread-and-butter audience. Besides, every kid I knew that left game left for good did it for the same exact reason: too many bugs - not "No MEKs duh this sucks". IMHO we need a lot more TLC action. Underwater PVE is a joke - these creatures literally eat nothing except survivors and tames. The Bronto walks like it's legs are still broken in three places. We still have logistical errors e.g. Doed AOE is nothing like the Ank (just ...why....??). I would also suggest Deeper and more complex behavior from tames possibly even unique personalities - stuff like this. Wrap it up as a real Ark 2.0 game with proper old-school FREE beta period to fix the bugs and you will have a game kids want to buy. Seriously. This is ARK, not TITANFALL.
  13. THEY FIXED IT !!! Our 12x maturation is working as before after upgrade to 302.2 this evening. Confirmed with Basi, and Argie looking good too. Update: Argie imprint percent and intervals appear correct once more Quetz hatched, looking good as well.. Can anyone else please confirm?
  14. The trolls are recruiting haha. Pro Hit-and-run cases ("trolls") don't count and most likely don't help the OP. TBH it's kind of a weird two-dimensional way of playing the game that I wouldn't recommend. But it is possible to survive this way. But hell, maybe he doesn't care about breeding, building up, boss fights or being connected with other tribes That being said, I never knew an alpha that had a problem with trolls that were based on their own server... either yours are nitwits or you keep moving server. Either way, probably doesn't relate to the OP's question unless you are offering him a job hehe.
  15. Probably forget official. First, the Ark that you have over 2K hours on no longer exists, as we highlighted in this thread. Second, as made very clear here, current Ark Official PVP is mega-tribe only. You can survive solo or as small tribe only under the committed protection of a mega (like a sub-tribe, each mega has their own rules for this check with the sever alpha) Third, official will never let players control their time commitment. That's simply the nature of full-time OR servers.
  16. Vote No, not a priority. Underwater PVE should be fixed first. More explanation requires a new thread.
  17. Same. This is cold, even for a company like WC. Hey, maybe they will go out of business so that my server footprint stops swelling with unwanted base content and we get more players because official is dead haha
  18. Even with Tek, the Island, Rag and Center were still mostly "about the dinos" My feeling is that since Snail Games acquisition of Wildcard not a single new actual Dino has been released on storyline maps. The emphasis feels, sorry, quite urban Chinese with strong emphasis on artificial and fantasy stuff dominating Trikes and Rexes. The latest kibble update pretty much as said 75% of all dinos are useless crap now.. if you are on official PVP there is no way for tribes to keep a server without that extinction rubbish. Cryopods were badly needed but we didnt need a whole new map to release them. I can't believe that the delay in Managarmr re-balancing (almost two months wait) was nothing less that a cheap "pay-to-win" money grab hard-penalizing any tribe not on Extinction ("oops yeah sorry we'll get to that..." lol). The game is totally imbalanced now, with each new DLC surpassing all previous maps, and penalizing any official PVP tribes not buying in. Basically they took a game that I really liked and destroyed it with Titans, Meks and Rock Drakes, that the game needed like a hole in the head. So yeah, I miss the actual *Dino Game* thanks.
  19. Well this is a joke: This is not acceptable. First, there is _no_ _way_ I can see behavior resulting from this patch as improvement. Second, admins are left on their own to figure out how it all actually works.. again. Shame again WC
  20. I wonder that too. I think invincibleqc actually meant BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier when he wrote MatingIntervalMultiplier by mistake. Since everyone is so confused right now anyway nobody stopped to correct him.. AlariaGalanodel I feel your pain. Same crapstorm on our servers as well. Either you are stuck imprinting every five minutes now or get 100% in a single imprint seems to be the general situation. Either way, 100% is way too easy to achieve ATM so I am testing with BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier completely removed from game.ini and testing again. Still annoying because we had it so that players had a full hour to do other stuff before they had to come back and imprint again. I think its a bug. WC Better not keep it like this, we put a lot of work and testing into those stupid timers just for them to do this..
  21. What do I miss? That official used to actually be a *Dino* game. Since Extinction Ark has become more of a Tek game with emphasis on crafting and BP from extinction...
  22. Rauzje Wildcard recently "broke" all of the imprint timers. Nobody is sure what is going on at the moment. (for "proof" see this current discussion: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/480828-what-is-wrong-with-my-imprints-timers/ ) Basically you are seeing what we all are seeing. Nothing in the patch notes that I have read so far...
  23. Completely agree with OP and follow up comments from Kage. Also if you look closely you will see the exceptional augmented kibble all coming from extinction. Another pay-to-win push from WC onto their latest DLC. I am really starting to hate this game, and the bait-and-switch twisted mess it has become especially after acquisition from Snail games. RageQuitter, totally hate the new griffin kib requirement sorry. Wyvern eggs are heavy and time consuming to collect. You need 21 of them for a decent griffin now on official, per griffin. Before we used griffins as scouts and egg stealers for recruits because allo kib was relatively cheap. Now I have to go collect 21 wyvern eggs every time some private burns up a grif. A lot of bigger tribes on official hardly use griffins on official anyway preferring manas or wyv. Now they just hate them even more. Total nerf and rag dis from WC if you ask me. What WC _should_ have done was just _supplement_ the existing kibble tree with these class kibble alternatives with an affinity loss of maybe 10% but increased taming speed of the same and see how things go, instead of just shotgunning months of players kibble work. Is there even a reason for prime fish meat now? Or for ocean tames at all for that matter, other than tributes? Bait-and-switch. Invalidating old content in favor of new, invalidating old players to find new ones. To be clear, Ark first and last game I buy from WC. Ever.
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