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  1. This appears to be a prim plus issue, not a PS4 issue (anyone having on non-p+ ps4?) Probably missing model assets after the update.
  2. By default they drop mostly rubbish anyway. you're not missing much.
  3. You can turn off bloom and light shafts. That's what a lot of us do anyway - for all maps.
  4. @Kizmiaz that is probably a different bug then. When CI was first released there was never a death marker - over the water or otherwise. As patches continue it seems to be improving but still happens from time to time. Although the result is the same the circumstances are different.
  5. @roro4066 IMO these are not bugs. - slow egg respawning appears to be based on the same mechanic as regular wyverns, e.g. the scar on Ragnarok. When regularly collecting eggs many nesting locations will appear empty. I don't know the exact timer. So this is consistent with other game content. There is one nest in particular which is known to be bugged due to a decor element, Ezra has already stated it will be fixed. - Alpha Wyvern despawn has already been discussed on this forum, it appears to be intentional at this point. WC may choose to make it less annoying in late
  6. @Jemcrystal bury you paranoia. Nobody is "hogging" the spawns. If you don't like how someone builds on PVP blow it up ^^ Jemcrystal you must be new to this game, the only spawns people hog on official are new creature, non-breedable or trophy spawns. They sure wouldn't be "hogging" giga spawns at this point in the game - it's stupid. That trophy is only useful on the Island and is non-transferable.
  7. Dupe. WC has patched but apparently didn't understand the problem.
  8. Missing or distorted ground textures has always been a problem with Ark on Linux AFAIK. I think the implementation engineers at Instinct games do most of their construction and testing on DirectX systems.
  9. Well.. in the city itself maybe everywhere but in other biomes there are only one or two per.. Anyway that's a further discussion for the Extinction forum I think..
  10. We figured it out. Dinos, especially ridden, can cause the wyvern queen to glitch "floating" above her nest when she can't find any footing. Obviously this handicaps her fighting ability, and she quits. Lesson learned: she's sensitive and doesn't like players trying to get under her.
  11. Boss Vanishes She makes like shes good and ready but then decides to cut out of the action ... she's just vanished into thin air .. runaway bride lol? Everyone stares now wondering "what the actual.. " This is a new one on me. I've never had a boss run away from me before.. haha (three times ... ) I have a feeling this is also related to Crystal buggy map and TP issues. Update: due to the extreme unreliability of this arena we have decided to nerf her as compensation to time lost, as this is happening way too frequently. Usually at the 50% mark (l
  12. @crossmr completely agree but somehow a lot of players just aren't up to it. I've said it before, besides our tribe (which doesn't count) we've only had two players ever make it to the red zone solo and unassisted - ever. We've even had experienced members of our own allies and subtribes ask for help just to get their character off the map. It became known as "sending a bus" lol. Personally I think it's sad for such a beautiful map so there you go everyone has their own taste with these things.. Edit: Both of the characters who made it to the red zone started from scratch, neither transf
  13. A recent patch addressed missing audio assets but I am beginning to believe this is more of a performance issue for CI
  14. Aberration is quite divisive, players either love it or hate it. Most hate it. It's too hard for them. I made a suggestion once for something that would help players find a drop if they lose heart but it never got upvoted. Ab really starts to pay dividends to tek-tier tribes with transmitter and TP unlocked. We have four maps on our cluster and almost exclusively use ab for our metal, and for all of the gems crystal chitin-stone-cp and poly.
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