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  1. Obscene Ark - FRESH (3-11-19) 8x Taming, 6x Harvest, 10x Incubation, 15x maturation, 5x XP CENTER 32 slot, ABERRATION 20 slot, RAGNAROK 32 slot 10 man Tribes! Unofficial Pc Sessions Guns Matter Official Balanced Play and Dino Stats! Join Discord : HJDPukR Basic rates - 6x harvest, 5x xp, 8x taming, 10x incubation, 15x maturation Environment rates - 1x turret damage, 0.5x water drain Player stats - 1.5x hp, 2.5x stam, 15x oxygen, 25x weight, 1.5x melee, 1.5x move speed, 5x fort 2.5x crafting skill Dino stats - 8x stam, 50x weight Misc stats - 7 man tribes, 1.2x supply crate loot
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