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  1. The "Xbox official server NA-PVE Extinction1034" is being controlled by a big tribe in Sanctuary called "ENDGAME" and they wiped me and few other small tribe by luring corrupted Wyverns and Gigas and any other corrupted. They need to be wiped out any tribes on Xbox from different servers transfer, and lure corrupted creature to their base its coordinates is in city 51.6 60.7 it has lots of tames and gigas and other big tame. Lure lots of corrupted Gigas from the red zone and fight them BACK!!!!!!
  2. I just had all my work thrown out in trash. A player in a tribe name "ENDGAME " in a PVE server in Extinction just had giga destroy my base and loose some dinos, and I spent 2 months playing and I just quit.
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