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  1. Please do this. I've seen servers where it takes me 10+min to log in after being lagged out IN THE MIDDLE Of A RAID MIND YOU. It would also be nice to do something about note blocking and turreting/metal spike walling spawns and obelisks.
  2. A ghost with c4 came and raided you my friend
  3. That "Hatzeg" looks dope
  4. Sooooooooooooo.... did this just not happen on PS4 or did they leave out taking auto decay out temporarily or am I just an idiot as i haven't played in a while.
  5. I was thinking 230+ rex(s) with a snow owl would do the trick. Need help with one himme up i´ll split loot so you get better stuff (PSN) my un is same as my sta un (modufer)
  6. Here's the thing tho. A lot of people (Like Me) absolutely LOVE 6 man. but the others can still go (at least in my opinion). I also agree about cross platform severs.
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