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  1. Missions are great. As a streamer and a server cluster owner which is dedicated to our viewers (I stream with my fiancee), I couldn't be happier. It opens so many possibilities to engage viewers. But as far my only concern is the safety of dinos. We didn't realise at first that you get a spider in the race and came with our own... Fortunately, there was no real threat nearby.
  2. This is by now my only complaint about Genesis - teleporting system. I teleported to the Lunar biome with my spider and got massive damage from two Tek Rexes. I managed to mount it, but it had low health, and I had to sacrifice it (it started to drain my health).
  3. Well, I thought that it's OP right now... Getting one changes your life on Genesis by 180 degrees. It's fragile, yes, but you just run away from dangers (unless it's Kapro :P).
  4. Do you think that is a bug (as Kraeoger said a misplaced decimal point)? I hope not! Because I love it! A pack of two raptors destroyed our Baryonyx in a blink of an eye, and we were like "Ok, ok... ok... that was unexpected". And if it's true that tamed saddled can be destroyed by a lower-level wild - it couldn't be better!
  5. Do they get less damage compared to "normal" versions? I mean we tried to tranquillise (with crossbow) Raptor yesterday and he was getting 12 damage points when normally one shot takes 35 points of his health.
  6. We really love it! My fiancee and I streamed for 3 hours yesterday, and we did nothing (in terms of progression). We were dying multiple times. And it's really great! It's survival. People are too spoiled with maps such as Ragnarok, where map poops with resources of all kind and you don't need to worry about anything. One thing I don't understand is flyers. I mean, ok, you cannot fly, I understand that but why developers put flyers on the map in the first place? Someone can be disappointed when he/she use precious resources to tame flyer and realise that you cannot fly on it.
  7. My fiancee looked for it too. It's too hidden! You need to hold "T" key and choose proper option from the options ring.
  8. It should be called Linux.tar.bz2. It's a tar file, so: tar xvf Linux
  9. But you do realise that the original timeframe was unfair to other part of the world? You cannot please everyone when you globally release the game/dlc/whatever. I live in Poland and it will be available at 1 AM, but I can't do nothing about it, nor you can. Chill out.
  10. Same here. I moved my instances to a dedicated Linux server, and I'm little worried about update lag. Does it happen regularly? I mean - are there release lags if, i.e. an event update is released (like upcoming Valentine's Day)?
  11. And you know that it would make no sense at all, and would kill other maps? Look, what reason folks would have to move between maps if everything would be on the single map? There is, of course, a business issue too - if they would put every dino on the single FREE map, how would buy DLC? As of the map - it looks really good, but "Small Islands" spawn point is too calm, no carnivores waiting for you.
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