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  1. what do u mean wiyh filing a ticket? We all quited the server btw, except for one tribe member. A 13 year old boy, who doesn't want to give up the base. That melted my heart though and perhaps i wanna do some things to save it . I can use all the help available, tnx
  2. Hi, i've played for around 860 hours on a pve server and i build a nice base with good friends and alot of fun. I wasn't fully aware of the dangers ark has in theft and such. One day two people asked to join a tribe and i added them . Unaware of their intentions we started to work together and i gave them the first farming tasks.They couldn't reach the farmingdino's so , with my blind thought and good intentions i gave them the rights as long as i was online (so nothing wrong could happen). At the moment i gave the rights, they started to clean all the cryo-fridges behind my back, while i was online! one diversed me by talking in discord and giving me compliments about the game and such, while the other was emptying the fridges. I was astonished that they where empty (only the ones that where out where still there). By the time i found them empty, they alrdy left and quit the tribe. i thought ok, they took 90% of my dino's, i still got 10% left, i will take this blow and regenerate!. I , (thought) i secured everything and putted all the rest in the same fridges .. But those fridges where pin locked by them! and because of that, they came back to my base when i was offline and then took the rest of the dino's. The only thing they left behind where 5 adult's and 60 baby's, while i had around 420 dino's. That really hurts.Around 860 hours gameplay, all that farming, all that taming, all that gone in a second because of two thieves who can freely scam people and take away their effort. PLEASE ARK, Fix that bug on tek-structures, when players take or give stuff, write it down in governance so we have evidence that it has been taken. A copy of every dino can be taken in game and stored away. When such thing happens, admins can check the list and give the ones back that have been stolen and maybe delete the ones that have been taken. These things can easily be avoided.
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