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  1. So that's what happens if one of you loses your character, that was their response, that is, we players, we're screwed.
  2. yes I went back to 460, but the same screen appears to create a new character. I already checked all the servers I play and nothing.
  3. Now I'm worried because I'm afraid of losing all of my achievements I've won with my character, since they can not replace the implants. As for the dinosaurs, my luck is that I play together with my husband in the same tribe for that reason our dinosaurs are safe, I only worry about my babies that I adopted, because I need to print them.
  4. I was on the NA-PVE-Officia-Extiction460 server and I transferred my character to the NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok194 server when I got to the server 194 after about 5 to 10 minutes the server crashed and went offline when the server came back the character disappeared, appeared on the screen to create a new character, ie my character simply disappeared (but I did not create a new persogem), and now I am unable to play, this happened on 9/03 between 21hr / 22hr, I sent a ticket to solve my problem, but until now I have no answer, I am 3 days without playing I lost the event 2x, and so far nothing of the support solve my problem.?
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