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  1. “Additionally all new creatures that we add, such as the Troodon, will only spawn in dungeons.” This is the dumbest idea ever. So that means you are going to lock creatures that should be in the over world like on PC, behind some weekly rotating dungeon? And on top of that you have to kill them and save up enough amber to revive the creatures? Why? You should’ve made it so that the creatures that are exclusive to dungeons are ones that aren’t found on the island on PC. If I wanted to find a Thylacoleo or a Yuty (two Dinos that I’ve been waiting for), instead of finding them clinging on red wood trees or roaming the snow, I have to find them in some dungeon room? Imagine trying to get a high level - the chances for that would be extremely low (and you would still probably have to revive it for 9000 amber or earn its respect or some bs like that). Please just change this, having new Dinos behind a sort of paywall will only just be super annoying and frustrating.
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