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  1. Already Active New Server With Discord! Hi all,Our new and exciting server is looking for players - doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a veteran survivor!Rates all 10x with exception of breeding which is 30xMods:Classics Flyers (Can upgrade speed on flyers)Kibble Table (Easy kibble and Veggie cakes!)Bulk Crafters (For quality of life and easier early game)Resource Pumps (Get resources even while you're offline!)Bore Water Kit (Create a water inlet anywhere!)Super Spyglass (Spyglass on steroids)S+ (We all know how good this is already)Better Re-usables (Re-usable spears, bolas, grappling hooks and more!)Meat Spoiler (To make spoiling meat much faster)Egg n Poop Collector (Auto pick up all eggs and poop from your dinos and turn into fertilizer)HG Starter Kits (Nice starter kits to get the early game rolling!)HG Stacking Mod (Amazing stacking mod with greatly reduced weights)All stat upgrades from level ups have received buffs (no more putting loads of points in weight)Engrams automatically unlock so you don't have to go through and click them all every time you level upLiterally on Day 1 so you can get ahead of everyone else that will join!!!We look forward to seeing you!IP: Name: Ark Park [EU] [NEW] PVP 10X ORP S+ CFLYERS KITS JOIN!Join via this link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5669142Discord: https://discord.gg/nyCmBHf
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