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  1. Even in America we have some issues but not much. I won't connect 1/20 tries buy I just close the application and restart it to fix. So no complaint here
  2. They say 2021 or 2020
  3. It depends more on the server itself in my personal experience. I personally have bad internet and still don't crash to often. I only crash when there's server issues or someone is transporting a huge amount of stuff. People could also doing those lat tricks I read so much about. Also, the PS5 comes out AT LEAST a year from now. So I just say try some new server's experiment around. Don't blame yourself or your internet. Something I have been considering getting is a Ethernet cable when we move. This is a decent way to get better internet. So I hear.
  4. I got a pro and have about 1 every two days
  5. Sorry about the late response but it recently has been shutdown due to mass AA the owner decided enough was enough.
  6. It could also only apply to bow's. It could be called a "Hunter" stat or something along those lines.
  7. Should ark add a upgrade to reloading a gun or a object that shoot's projectiles? Or is this too OP?
  8. I'll be checking this out sometime tomorrow. Sounds great!
  9. Name is " 30x boosted PvP modded drops starter kit"
  10. I'll check it out. Sounds good, love laid back server's.
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