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  1. Feel free to leave tips and tricks for new people here if you want. When I first joined I wish I had tips so might as well help out.
  2. My question is how many active players? Everything sounds great so far though.
  3. Betrayal is common on this game. We all know it but I'm asking for your personal experience getting betrayed.
  4. What is your favorite Ark memory?
  5. I'm looking to find the best overall raiding creature that's easy enough to find and tame. Just trying to keep up on a server with no true alpha tribe but around 30+ gigantic bases with 600+ turrets easy. Preparing for a upcoming server world war so basically need something decent to prepare.
  6. Not interested but I suggest metal instead.
  7. Would be amazing if you could tame a Queen Bee and make it create a bee nest somewhere and as bee's get produced they auto tame to your user / Tribe. They would probably be weaker but it would be pretty nice having a trail of 15 or so bee's ready to back you up or stall a person while getting away and of course the Queen would be at the base making more bee's to make up for losses. Also to keep this from being to op each hive should have a Max and every nest should need a different Queen Bee and should be a distance away from the other nests. There should only be 3 allowed per person as well. The other thing is they should only be in certainty biomes but I'm sure they already knew that. Just a thought of mine but would be amazing too see. PS. The Queen would be bigger do more damage when the nest gets hit and have some more health.
  8. Pasta


    I'm not sure what's going on because personally I do not have that issue but I hope it gets fixed for your sakes.
  9. Pasta

    pve Rag Boss Fight

    I'll help if I get the boss tame. Server?
  10. The server I currently play on has multiple massive bases on it. 1st one has around 300-550 turrets on the outside. There base surrounds a giant cliff but has turrets from all sides. I would bet he has a lot of good stuff like Tell armor as well. The second base is heard to be even bigger by around x2 but I have not personally seen it. Comment for more questions. Guarantee more than just a little juicy loot.
  11. Accidentally posted twice so just ignore this one.
  12. Pasta

    Constant Raptor Sounds Are Annoying

    Would love if it just had a muted dino setting. That's an easy add to the game.
  13. It's just part of the game but I agree that it should not see purlovia. If something can be taken advantage of then it will be. People will use it until this is changed. But I respect your opinion netherless.