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  1. Thanks man. Now im the only one who finished them on my server. Don´t know how it is possible to do that without this glitch...
  2. You can´t ride snow owls but they can be transferred and used except of riding
  3. Solo alpha missions Anyone knows how to do hunt missions on Alpha? Gigas enrage very fast (except from megaloceros mission) so are they any other strategies? Thought of bringing a few rexes as tanks.
  4. you could give arguments instead of making bad jokes like every other adult does (or at least should). Oh, and for u: my post was sarcasm
  5. The problem is its technically impossible. Or how do think should they be able to do that? By typing cheat commands on the server to give them to u because on unofficial it works like this? Thats ridiculous...
  6. Game crashes "gone"? Experienced on Xbos one S Hey, the last few days were something special for me. I did element veins and other stuff on extinction, was doing cave runs and looked for alpha basilisks on aberration. I even was brave enough going swimming in the ocean biome on genesis without any problems. The crashes are there when I teleport or sometimes when i load the transmitter inventory, but did anyone else notice, that these sudden game crashes (without a "trigger") don´t happen anymore?
  7. The easiest thing to do is getting a grown wyvern or at least a griffin or pteranodon from someone else (there are no pteranodons in SE) you could also make a trap like right at the scar where they get stuck. We´ve made good experiences with the trap in this video. U can make it with stone as well and it works everytime. We build it a bit higher so we could fly under the trap.
  8. No, cant be turned off i think. But u also hears a sound, when someone is completing a vein or osd or reached the next round. Maybe u can turn off music
  9. I played on almost every map and i can tell u that there is no big difference. Extinction is the worst. I cant fly to the city on our server because i get disconnected every time. I got about 10 disconnects after every 2 minutes and a tribemate had to get my wyvern so i can spawn somewhere else. I also get a few second long freezes everywhere on the map. On Aberration and scorched earth ragnarok or valguero i get sometimes disconnects, no difference On Genesis i wasn´t in the water for weeks because i got disconnected too often. Also teleporting lets u disconnect very often. Onl
  10. Don´t know how u farm it, but we can farm it really easy. Stone is everywhere, never got so much chitin on any other map (Megachelon shells) and there are big amounts of obsidian near the lava cave The problem i have with the map is, that u cant build on half of it. The volcano and lunar area are too dangerous and in the ocean biome u dont have that much space to build (ocean plattforms cant be connected well...). So u can only build in bog and arctic and at least on our server you can feel it. Bases are everywhere in building zones and u cant even make a simple trap somewhere. It´s like
  11. Did u test Alpha missions with gigas? I heard it was impossible and tried it out. My giga (25k and 1000%) was enraged with the second hit in the yuti mission and killed me. I don´t think gigas or a rex army could make it easy. But with the rest you´re completly right. Waiting is no problem and missions are very buggy.
  12. Opened about 10 35k crates and only got 1 BP. I would rather go fishing tbh
  13. high stat rexes are enough. You can even solo red drops with at least 600% imprinted Gigas. I would try to get a giga and do red drops. Theyre much better than yellow ones.
  14. Ask others for cryopods. Theyre cheap to make and lots of people throw them away because they get so much through drops. U can also upload it to a terminal and download it on another terminal near your base.
  15. eronsyla


    Did our first wyvern with pteras. I think griffins could be possible too. Traps near the scar could help u flee from wyverns and getting milk for breeding them. but the easiest method is obviously a wyvern itself because theyre fast and have enough stamina to outrun other wyverns.
  16. From a PvP perspective I would say it would be a bit unfair, but who cares if someone does alpha missions with a Giga? Really nobody cares about rankings except of those who are on top of them and why should I care when some soloplayer can do alpha missions now? It´s good that they have the opportunity to complete the map on their own now (if it´s really as simple with a Giga as people think)...
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