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  1. i am at 12 reaper event just at this event
  2. no more reaper event since update there is no more reaper event, i m at 15 reaper and nothing, just normal reaper, someone have same probleme?
  3. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/484107-3021-linux-and-mac/&do=findComment&comment=2729532 so wath steam is saying in french... "unfortunately, the steam support is not able to help you, with game from another developer".... i think steam have many probleme with wildcard atm
  4. yes but your car work and not this game for mac!!!!!!!! loooooooollllll next...
  5. Replying to @ComplexMinded i ve ask steam to give me back my money of genesis extension, i m mac user and as always your team give no news, thx to take money from mac/linux users. you are a robber team...
  6. @ComplexMinded @survivetheark soooo.... 12 days later where is the update for mac? @steam_games know how you take moneys from mac/linux users?
  7. 2 days and no news for mac users..... 2 days and no news for mac users.....
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