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  1. No it doesn’t specify. I’ve seen them talk about mission area caves that were buildable but not supposed to be, also updates that made caves mission areas with no missions anywhere near that Dollie said was a bug. No clarification at all on their part. I’m waiting on community crunch. They sent out messages in tribe log to ppl who are in the caves you’re thinking of but us who are in the big cave East haven’t gotten any messages so I’m making this topic in hopes one of the Devs sees and can clarify. Also seen someone post a ticket response from genie45 saying that the caves were to remain buil
  2. PVE OFFICIAL LUNAR BIOME CAVES Why is it after this recent update on PS4 that our cave is now a Mission Area and no longer able to build?? Is this a bug and why are we not getting any dialogue from you guys on this? I’ve seen people get messages in their tribe log telling them to leave cave but we haven’t gotten that message and would like to know what’s going on. Why change your mind on an area over a month into its release? Would love a response from a developer on this
  3. I’m only asking because that update went through for Xbox/PC about building in caves and caves that were mission areas not supposed to be built in initially. I have a cave on Lunar that isn’t in a mission area and haven’t gotten a definitive response on if we’re allowed to stay since rumors were flying around saying all were going to be wiped. I ready in CC that just mission area caves were supposed to be non buildable but idk anyone who plays PC or Xbox that can tell me if the update let people stay in the caves or not or at least in the East Lunar cave where no missions are. Looking for clar
  4. Can you elaborate please? What platform do you play on and did you get an update recently?
  5. Nobody said we’re trying to obstruct players from getting the glitch. We’re wondering if we can still build in there
  6. When did you find out? I see a lot of ppl asking about this. I’m in the cave E Lunar with no missions within 1000m radius. No mission symbols inside,above, around the entire area. Only a glitch inside. Is this the cave you’re talking about? On the CC recently they said mission area caves that were accidentally buildable. The cave I described doesn’t fall into that category but either way I’m confused
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