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  1. Hard work and grinding by a bunch of hardcore ark players, not a single undermeshesing went on by us and we sure ain't ddosing, we enjoy the fight and the grind to get to where we are and not a single tribe as answered the challenge on here or on all the big "pvp" tribes on YouTube that have been called out.... we havent tried to hide from no one and we gave out our server name as well. In stead of talking trash and not giving up our location we issued a challenge and location. So does that answer satisfy your request for a reply.... for some reason the forums isn't notifying me of responses hints the delay in the reply. We sure ain't scared of anyone that's for sure. So if u would like to answer the challenge we are on NA-pvp-theisland-crossark9 on OFFICIAL
  2. We are pvp gods and officially challenge anyone who thinks they have the nerve to try and pvp against us and we will wipe u like u have never been wiped before. We are the tribes of Highlanders and the wicked. You can find us on NA-pvp-theisland-crossark9 hope to see you cowards soon, so u can kneel before the gods of PVP an learn ur place in the world of pvp ark
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