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  1. we dont excpect them to fix all the bugs instantly but the problem is when they release an update there will be like 3 minor bug fixes and the rest are just changes and talking about lost characters. try compareing the ark updates to the updates of other games and you will see what i mean
  2. please do leave a comment for your opinion
  3. don't comment saying the the devs should just fix their game because it is the right thing to do when you pay $60 for a game because they wont.
  4. Paying for bug fixes would anyone pay for a dlc that fixes the bugs I would as i want the bugs to be fixed and i cant see wildcard doing something that doesn't make them money so i'd prefer to pay for the game to be fixed than it to never be fixed
  5. Paid bug fixes I would happily pay for a $40 dlc that fixes all the bugs and i feel that many other players would as well you should think about doing that instead of adding more bugs
  6. if we didnt like playing it we wouldn't be complaining about the bugs the fact is that we do like playing it but we hate running into the constant bugs that are never fixed. if you pay attention we are not complaining about what the game is meant to be we are complaining about the bugs that stop the game from being great and when we pay raptor tonnes of money for the game advertised as released and complete and its dlc we expect to have an experiance that doesnt feel like the game is still in its alpha state. ark almost never releases bug fixes for the bigger bugs and when it does it generlly adds new content that contains a raptor tonne more big bugs resulting in 1 step forward and 5 steps back for bug fixes and personnely id pay if they released a dlc that fixed all the bugs because paying extra for the game to decent is better than paying for bugs and problems with added dinos
  7. i use a 450gb ssd for my whole pc and if i wanted to i could install ark but it would mean that i would have to uninstall lots of the other games i play such as rust, csgo, gta v and a few others. while this may seem like a small inconvienience i get really bad internet and those games will take me hours to install and i play them a fair bit at the moment i have around 80 gigabyte free and that is after i uninstalled all the games that i dont play often
  8. id be happy if the just fixed 5% of the bigger bugs in one month
  9. my pc is $2.3k-ish and ark is a lot more than 80 gig and there where only 4 dlc maps that i had installed under your logic each map would be 40 GB each which is a stupidly big number for a map as most full games are less than that and have full game engines and poop
  10. this smoll brain person seems to think that ark is very well optimised
  11. what build is that I'd really like to know so if you could post the specs and a shop link that would be great you might want to get your eyes checked its more like they need to release bug fixes one in a while and nerfing dinos does not count as a bug fix
  12. WTF Is The File Size 240+ GB is a huge file size for what this game is it takes ages to download and uses heck tonnes of space on your harddrive
  13. normally new content is great for a game but somehow wildcard manages to screw it up like it does everything(HOD, Manas, Characters, etc) ark is at a point where it is almost unplayable from bugs and it is optimised so poorly that i cant even install it due to its file size of 240+ GB instead of distracting the community by releasing new content they should fix the problems with their game and make it so that you don't need an insanely high-end gaming machine that you spent over $5k on for ark to run decently well. As when it takes me over 24 hours to install at my peak internet speed (its 5ghz and nbn) and has a poopty physics engine and raptor tonnes of bugs you get to a stage where you just wish they would fix their game as $60 for the base game and another $30 for each DLC you'd think that EA made it except EA makes games that aren't broken and full of bugs.
  14. It might have been explorers edition that said it but im certain i read that as i remember that being the main reason i bought the season pass
  15. we did read the description and when we bought it it said that it would contain ALL future DLC. this was later silently changed to 3 dlc. so while oyu may have bought it when it said 3 dlc some of us bought it when it said all current and future dlc
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