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  1. Doing this will get rid of "multi-layering" buildings. You can get through the door if your character is not a mammoth, game is realistic in that sense of character creation. Also, Double doors (assuming that's what I am looking at) are a fairly new addition to the game. Maybe the error is in the "new" addition but not door frames in general.
  2. Had a 212 argent that we knocked out and tamed in an official server ragnarok, rag must be higher or there must have been an update. Is the limit still "150? Curious if I tame a wild mana and run around to find xp chests if I can get it over 150.
  3. You and I are one of the same, these "ichy's" I call them, are annoying and irritating pests. The best defense is to carry a bow or crossbow on your character, and learn their flight circle pattern and shoot ahead of it. Usually takes 1-3 arrows every time. Typically they drop more hide or meat than dodo's. So to a beginner it is worth the time to kill (take vengeance) upon these pests. That, or run away and have them fly towards you in a straight line, then aim, fire. Good luck.
  4. Hello Readers, Curious question, it's known that 6x damage is taken in caves and underwater. However, is it reasonable to think, that if someone is reaching your walls and turrets anyways that 6x damage will make that large of a difference? That and usually having an option with caves, being able to funnel your attackers to enter through one entryway. Please, tell me your opinions of the pros and cons of the three locations.
  5. I am not sure I understand what you mean, are you saying watch out for rendering not being complete, and craft some torches while you wait? Weapons are not the problem, going offline because of a disconnect is, unfortunately, therefore my tame is left alone in the wilderness, slowly falling down (from flying) from the safe skys. Oh and typically my lifeless body that flopped to the floor, gets it's armor broken and eaten by some evil dino nearby.
  6. Hello readers, What's your opinion on dropping wild dinos into an unsuspecting PVP tribe's base, theoretically then killing all the tames that are on passive, assumingly protected by behemoth gates(but not really, example A).
  7. Thanks guys, I will try all of the above. Hope something works, lost another last night. lol.
  8. An easy to build strategy to avoid the problems you've had thus far, build up. I mean literally UP, on a cliff and then pillars and then ceilings/beds so you dont have to spawn far away again to get back. Hopefully this will present an easy start for you. (Alpha raptors can destroy stone, hence a cliff, brontos can not. ) Good Luck.
  9. Hello Fellow Readers, Recently Ark seems to be having server issues, nothing new there. Randomly my tribe members and I get disconnected. However this seems to happen whenever we are flying. Example 1: Flying Argie to get a drop, become disconnected due to ark server issue who knows why, get back on to the argie dying from a group of compys. What can my tribe do? We have lost 5 fliers due to this, and now we fly in packs. However most recently two of us disconnected at once, and we still managed to lose two birds. Is there a solution to this problem? Players we can defend from, wild dinos sure, but being kicked off and your flyer flys to the ground for whatever dumb reason to die, sucks. Help lol. Problem with flying on neutral, flying on passive makes it easier to jump back on tame when knocked off for whatever reason, neutral the flyer goes in crazy fast circles, unable to ride again fast enough, and died. Another Solution? (Dev's won't help, attempted ticket).
  10. RIGHT?! There was a method to the madness, I don’t recall the community majority complaining about the kibble system. Lol, but here we are. Watch out for the outdated Kibble information on the internet.
  11. I guess that is the solution, just taming a few extremely low level one’s first, at least thats some kind of a solution.
  12. I would like to ask for help in figuring out the new kibble "rework" from a supposed "broken" system. I would argue it is harder, unless I am missing something. Before you could tame something, that something's egg could be used to tame something bigger, and that thing's egg could be used to tame something even bigger. Instead, now a dinosaur's egg can only tame dinosaurs of equal level, therefore forcing us all at one point, to have to tame something at full length. For example a dodo egg for other dodos, dilos, etc. This is the current system, before a dodo's egg could be used to tame a pteradon, then pteradon's egg for something even higher /stronger etc. Is there a pyramid method like the old way that works with the new kibble rework that I am missing? Thanks guys.
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