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  1. I’m on now if anyone hops on to hand out starters and also if anyone can help with a discord that would be lit thanks for stopping by ?
  2. ARK ASYLUM 7X RATES 65x MATURATION PVP Ark Asykum is back and beter than ever. Our server is only one map, and that is, Ragnarok.(More maps added to cluster as population grows) 7X Everything!!! (Excluding Taming/20X and MATURATION/65X) WEIGHT MOVEMENT SPEED AND FORTITUDE ARE ALSO SLIGHTLY BOOSTED FOR PLAYER CONVENIENCE STARTERS?!?! COME FIND OUT Max Level Dino is 150 Max Character is 105 ACTIVE EVENT: WINTER WONDERLAND Drops are boosted and more geared toward a PvP Experience. White-Prim Flak Armor/Prim Tools with PT saddle White Ringed- Same
  3. I had a character in upload with items on me including cryos bps and everything they despawned overnight I had all the cool downs not on and yeah still lost everything when I signed in today
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