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  1. good morning or good evening .. I wanted to report that I manage 8 Unofficial servers and the problem is on all the MAPS .. are there any problems with the level of the character reaching maximum level 80 and not taking more experience? do you have the same problem as me?
  2. honestly I felt like uninstalling the game .. there are already 3 reboots you do after a while people get tired ..
  3. but on all 11 June platforms I'm a little confused.
  4. it is not out of malice but in my opinion you have ruined them Managarmr and Velonasaurs now with this update that you have done I see them really useless at this point 6 jumps, 6 overhangs and 3 dash before it must land .. and now the Velonasaurs is really sorry as damage with the end .. now I see them useless
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