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  1. ZioTuborg

    What to use for boss fights

    oh ok i have not tryed for now i need to breeding first
  2. ZioTuborg

    ankylo bug

    ok i'll go to try ty for the info
  3. ZioTuborg

    EU PVE 346 347 down 16h+

    have a site for report outage server
  4. ZioTuborg

    ankylo bug

    i'll try with google translate when I drop my ankylosaurus over the metal node the ankylosaurus is not bugged, but buggy after I break the metal node. after breaking the metal node the ankylosaurus begins to have strange movements similar to convulsions, these convulsions stop when I get off the ankylosaurus but it remains impossible for me to grab the ankylosaurus with my argentavis, finding myself forced to empty the inventory of my ankylosaurus and to put all the metal inside my argentavis thus losing the weight reduction of the ankylosaurus and thus losing the opportunity to take much more metal
  5. ZioTuborg

    464 server is down offline!

    report here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  6. ZioTuborg

    artwork Ark Stuff!

    that post has full of beauty artwork thats very nice goodjob bro!
  7. ZioTuborg

    ankylo bug

    hi guys! if i drop with my argy one ankylo on the metal and destroy it the ankylo has stucked and i cant grab it the only method for free him is to take the metal place the metal on the argy and call the ankylo anyone have the same bug?
  8. ZioTuborg


    you need to come on the support section of forum
  9. ZioTuborg

    helloooo my presentation!

    hi survivor! i'm new in the forum i have already make a bit of post but i dont have post my presentation! i'm an italian player i like to play on pve server i dont like raid or other things for now! ? i'll play on pc platform on the server 395 of the island i like farm and build thats all i do in ark i dont have make a boss because i dont have good dino for now i have start my experience on the server about 20 days ago bye guys see you in the game!
  10. ZioTuborg

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Hello everyone, today I just spent the whole day tearing up stone and throwing it in my gacha, I picked up the crystals, opened them and donated what I found to the new players on the server and repeated the process all day
  11. hello survivors! what would you think if wildcard implemented an object that automatically collects gacha crystals? comment by writing your opinions I think it would be a great implementation for someone like me who has more than one gacha to give possibility to farm even while you are away from your own base for various reasons sorry for my bad english but i use google translate for write on the forum
  12. ZioTuborg

    gacha dont take owl pellet

    i have resolve i dont have place stone on him thats the cause of not produce drop and dont take other pellets
  13. ZioTuborg

    Desktop PC for gaming?

    assemblate one pc with your hand you can buy a good piece with low cost at amazon warehouse
  14. ZioTuborg

    gacha dont take owl pellet

    dont have feeder around of the gacha
  15. ZioTuborg

    What to use for boss fights

    i'm tryng with a rex with 51k hp and 1k dmg but i dont know if i can wait reply