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  1. online mode with monthly fee hi all i have an idea why dont make a monthly payment for the online mode? the wildcard with that method can have more money for upgrade the server and set finally one server for every machine. for example we can set a fee of 5 $ at month for the online mode with that money they could upgrade the server and improve them to have a smooth gaming experience without lag and crash
  2. server down from over 2 hours hi guys i'll play on 2 server on EU-TheIsland395 Offline from 2h and 30m and on EU-TheIsland705 a new Server Offline from over 1h anyone have the same problem on your server? Reply with the name of your server and from what amount of time is offline
  3. is an island server not genesis LoL
  4. when the transfer become unlocked? hi guys i'm play to theisland705 we are at 832 days i need to know when the transfer become possible on a new server anyone know it?
  5. no spawn dinos EUPVETheIsland705 goodmorning we have a problem on TheIsland705 no one dino spawn on the entire server anyone have the same issue?
  6. that post has full of beauty artwork thats very nice goodjob bro!
  7. Hello everyone, today I just spent the whole day tearing up stone and throwing it in my gacha, I picked up the crystals, opened them and donated what I found to the new players on the server and repeated the process all day
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