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  1. I am glad that the videos were posted on a high profile youtube channel, hopefully a solution will become a more urgent priority because as displayed, the techniques have been consistent for quite some time, and now a lot more people are aware of them. I can only imagine the difficulty of implementing a solution given the scale of map changes that would be needed without removing gameplay elements (I would try to make everything not in intended playable areas lava or the surface effect of daylight on aberration, not sure how much coding that would take though). Cancel
  2. Hello, I have been having an issue with the forest titan de-spawning just after summoning. Basically as soon as I spawn it, I go just outside the arena to change from cave running load/dinos to titan fighting/taming, and I assume that leaving the arena is the cause for it de-spawning. However it seems a ridiculously short de-spawn timer for an empty arena compared to other titans (never seen desert or ice de-spawn), seems to be around 1 minute. Anyone else seeing this happen? So far has consistently happened every time I have spawned it in the past week, solo or not. If the cause is actually leaving the arena, the obvious solution would be to not do so, however that is not always realistic given the existence of Murphy's law.
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