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  1. Items disappearing off my dinos during teleport Recently since this Easter patch, I have a base in the artic biome, in the east teleport. When I am teleporting into that base where I have dinos... all the items that were on my dinos disappear. The food, the saddles, everything... Also, I had a dino I was imprinting. When I left it has about 30 minutes until it needed care. After I teleported in and noticed it was dying because his food and items disappeared, I noticed his timing had gone from 30 minutes to 7 hours and 56 minutes.. ?? What ? I just had to restart from scratch bec
  2. Easter Event Deleted my game.. I've been playing on single player since genisis was released. Today I am playing like I do every night. I go to spend engram points and the game freezes. After waiting 10 minutes I reboot the game to find the patch is downloading. After it downloads I boot the game up, go into my genisis game and its making me respawn.. No acces to any of my beds. So I respawn and I am a level 1 character with 100 points to level up.. unable to access any of my beds but somehow my waypoints still show on the maps.. go to my base and its completely gone.. all my dinos my base,
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