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  1. "Megalania only produces eggs for superior kibble according to the patch notes. Youd have to go with hesperornis if you only have island creatures available. Breeding your thylas will give you better results than just taming " @acat - just started a solo game … missed the Hesperonis in the patch notes. Thanks for the hints!
  2. New system vs Old system - both have merits. My only issue with the new system revolves around my favorite critter - the Thylacoleo. Just something of note ... in the new system, the Pteranodon, Spinosaur, and Yutryannus require kibble one level higher than the eggs they produce. This means you have to tame something of a "higher quality" in order to capture/kibble'ize one of these for the max natural tame. Kind of defeats the purpose if the eggs they produce are lower in quality than what is needed to tame --- imo. But with the Thylacoleo, they totally ... um ... well, lets say they messed up ... in a big way. Previously the Thylacoleo needed Titanboa kibble which is now produced at a Superior level. The new system requires Extraordinary kibble to max tame a Thylacoleo. There's only 1 animal on the Island (my FAV btw) that produces Extraordinary kibble - the Megalania. So, to tame a Thylocoleo, I now have to capture and tame a Megalania, which btw also requires Extraordinary kibble to max tame. I really wish they would have made the Thylacoleo a Superior or even an Exceptional kibble consumer, but an Extraordinary consumer - c'mon! There goes my hope of getting a high level kitty for Christmas :-(.
  3. I tend to look at thing simplistically ... so I boiled down what I know about the kibble system into a basic matrix ... -- added 2nd file which is sorted by egg/kibble type. Ark New Kibble.txt Ark New Kibble - by type.txt
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