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  1. Not been able to find anything official on the situation, i guess because everyone's off playing gen 2 and part 1 servers are pretty much dead there's not many people complaining about the situation, i did see someones comment saying that it was intended however they didnt provide any concrete information to back it up. If you look at it logically, It's clearly broken. If or when it gets fixed, who knows? WC don't rush themselves. Right now your better off running missions on gen 2 since it gives slightly better hex points. I will keep an eye out on the situation if i learn anything
  2. Hey guys, I've have been searching for news on this, checked the patch notes to but cant seem to find any concrete information. I'm not sure if you are aware but the rewards for missions on Genesis have changed, being stupidly low now and and alpha missions still near impossible without immensely bred dinos, at best your lucky to get 1k points for a beta mission. The rewards simply do not reflect the prices in the shop, i can't help but feel this is a bug/broken because of the genesis 2 shop link however I have not been able to confirm weather or not this is an actually intended situatio
  3. Never thought to check patch notes, thanks for the info really helped!
  4. Just wondering if anyone else is unable to use the vision mode for tek helmet, not sure if its bugged or doesn't have a vision mode, am able to use all the other tek armour features.
  5. So a couple of days ago I transferred from genesis to aberration and got that lovely error code 007, pooooof character gone, i mean this day and age with games how's that even possible, I've never come across ANY online game with this kind of issue.. But i still had a sparkle of hope, apparently ark has a ticket system to get a new character.. I was surprised to get a fairly quick response, i think it was a three day wait? Now the real kicker, assuming you actually knew that you have to have screenshots of your character and stuff so you can actually prove that what you say is true,
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