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  1. How about no more Events? Don't get me wrong. I think the events are a lot of fun. However, what isn't fun is getting disconnected, losing my flyer, dying somewhere in the water, and not even getting a death marker. Losing babies and imprints is insanely lame as well. Basically making my entire evening of playing worthless. The kicker is that this happens all the time when one of these events roll out. Some game breaking bug or mistake that totally ruins what could be a great game. Make all the skins/placeables/emotes achievement or craft based. Amp up Dodorex and friends and make them Bosses on Center, Rag, Valguero etc. and just be done with it. I downloaded the 21.5 GB "fix" and the game is still crashing about every 20 minutes. I would just rather have a game that works and have the devs work on bugs, anti-cheating, balances and new maps than a 1-2 week event that makes the game unplayable.
  2. andrecli

    Fish net?

    I craft my own, and hold down the right trigger (Xbox controller) to throw out/pull in. Left trigger let's the net loose immediately, for a quick redo throw. Sometimes I get a random "break on impact" from what I'm assuming to be an invisible piranha. What's killing me is using 25% of my time to pull in 10% of my goal on the easy difficulty. Its frustrating, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.
  3. andrecli

    Fish net?

    Fish net? Is the fish net based on any stat? I'm trying to do the Bog Fish'n mission and can't succeed, no matter what. I'm aware that I'm supposed to avoid the red piranhas. It'll take me over a minute to pull in one or two salmon for a whopping 6-11 lbs. I'm lucky to break 40 lbs. on Gamma in the five minutes. I watched some videos where people are pulling 3-5 salmon in a matter of seconds.So does Melee, or Movement have anything to do with it? Thanks in advance!
  4. I can't help with your current issue, but can give a tip for future problems. Trackers... Insanely underutilized item/engram. I throw them on all my flyers and water mounts out of habit, and keep a spare remote in my stash. All the headaches of one getting lost went away.
  5. Missing Dino's Genesis SP Is there a solution yet? No Barys, kapra, leeches, sarcos, karkinos, etc...
  6. Same here. I also get the same issue when making spark powder in mass quantity in a mortar/Chem bench. Oddly, narcotics/gun powder don't cause the issue.
  7. Oh wow. I only get fish with the mission, and have only seen two Spinos but figured the X-variant must make them more rare spawns. Wasnt even aware of kapros or leeches existing in genesis. Thanks for the info. I was going after them from a completionist stand point. Good to know, I can stop for the time being.
  8. Baryonyx and Sarco Location? For the life of me, I can not find a single one in the bog. I've weaved in and out of the middle, and have just finished my second lap around the perimeter. Chomping everything in my way. Thought maybe there was an over abundance of other dinos. Still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Did all the expansion downloads, the 50gb, and now doing a second Abb update. Here's hoping....
  10. Lol, true! No Ankylos, Doeds, Mammoths, etc...Even though almost all the water critters are listed, even the Dunkle is missing.
  11. On a different note, has anyone else noticed that for all the Genesis Dino's released, that none of them are gatherers?
  12. Finished my updates and now all maps just crash for me
  13. Finished All the Genesis Updates, Now All Maps Just Crash Title says it all...Wasn't expecting WC to succeed in the Genesis Launch. There's no surprise there. However, I was hoping for the missing drops/eggs/artifact/boss telepads to be fixed. Now, regardless of the map I try to load, the game just completely crashes.
  14. Can anyone else who has finished downloading, able to play? Now I just Insta-Crash when I go on any map
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