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  1. 742 Tribe: The Covenant Alrighty, basically GREED can get to a LOT of people that you thought were your friends, they will raid you simply so that you just have to restart, kinds back stabbed to be honest and now they wanting to raid the server we transferred stuff to. They are absolutely TERRIBLE at PvP and can Manipulate anyone easily. The only way they can raid is with tames, they wont hop off their tames to save their life, Or even their base. They have some pretty good bps like ascendant flak, ascendant pikes, ascendant giga saddles, ascendant quetz saddles, ascendant longneck, ascendant clubs, and even ascendant Launcher, keep in mind, all Bps They are built near green ob waterfall. Any Big tribes want to go take them out and i would be in your debt. Will pay ALOT( and by alot it is alot) for them to be raided Thank you for reading and good luck if you take this up.
  2. Great guy, has a good since of humor and will make you laugh about how he plays ark. For real, he is cool and is built on carno island if anyone needs to know, the north east side of his base is the weakest but it can be improved.


    thank you

    1. Arms


      Built on server 50

    2. R3DRUM214


      yo arms r u built up and if so r u recruiting?

  3. Same
  4. We don't even need anything to do with you you just keep antagonizing us
  5. lol I bet mate, your the one lying, you attack for over 3 days attacking around 2-3 times a day every 5hrs because your raid bases were bad lol
  6. msg my GT- xITZxSethx
  7. lol he is just mad that he cant build a base out metal and that he coudnt wipe my tribe. even after like 7 different attempts lol
  8. Yeah, ill message you around 4:15pm EST
  9. Your irrelevant lol
  10. Alrighty just message me when you ready
  11. I would need to be able to look at the base and scout for myself before i can decide anything