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  1. Same
  2. We don't even need anything to do with you you just keep antagonizing us
  3. lol I bet mate, your the one lying, you attack for over 3 days attacking around 2-3 times a day every 5hrs because your raid bases were bad lol
  4. msg my GT- xITZxSethx
  5. lol he is just mad that he cant build a base out metal and that he coudnt wipe my tribe. even after like 7 different attempts lol
  6. Yeah, ill message you around 4:15pm EST
  7. Your irrelevant lol
  8. Alrighty just message me when you ready
  9. I would need to be able to look at the base and scout for myself before i can decide anything
  10. Someone killed me on my lvl 89 character as soon as I spawn in and now it want me to create new or download
  11. Whenever I join a Extinction PvP, I start loading in then I see my character for a decline then it says generating terrain and does not load, I've sat here for the longest time just trying to get it to work. Any solutions?
  12. KingsOfPeasants Hello, My name is Arms, I am the leader of KingsOfPeasants. You having a problem with a certain server? Do you not like a specific tribe? Don't want to raid someone with them knowing it was you? Well thats where we step in. ======================================================== We can troll a server if you can't supply or We can help you get resources to supply ======================================================== We can raid if you supply stuff to raid or if the payment is great enough ======================================================== We get the job done •Must Respect My Army •Must give enough if going to supply • Must pay before, and after. ======================================================= (Depending what how big the base is and scale of it, it will cost more) (In game stuff not real money) (Recruiting mercenaries too) - xITZxSethx