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  1. Keep up the good work, you've brought back a lot of people on this game. Kudos!
  2. It's not fixed yet. At least not on Linux servers as we left behind and we still have the frozen server bug by using the re-fertilizer. Can anyone confirm if it's fixed on Windows servers?
  3. Just a suggestion. Drop the price of the game to attract more people. Genesis income will probably compensate the price reduction. We need more people to join in.
  4. You think others don't read but you even worse don't think. The taming was added later... Now thank those guys for pushing for it.
  5. Here is a very productive conversation for the future of this game. I hope WC is reading carefully and see what people actually need. And that is to separate completely PvE from PvP with exclusive stuff for both of them. There, with minimum effort you have richer content and more game modes.
  6. The level of honesty about meshing impressed me! I hope the results will be impressive too...
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