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  1. 4pm pst for ps4. 8pm pst for xbox and pc. You misread the deploy times.
  2. Turn creative off then turn on again. It happend to me too, but that fixed it.
  3. Yea its not only the maps, the transponders also reset, and am also having this issue and it started right after the homestead patch that this began to occur, as everything was fine before it was implemented. But yea i agree its totally annoying and makes it quite boring to even play, id call this a game breaking glitch for sure..
  4. Well with 1/4 of ark players being on console "min 2.5 million people" you better hope that that really doesn't happen, and the fact that the consoles have a higher overall online player count than pc, yea that's something wildcard cant afford to lose.
  5. Its probably because dino transfers arent allowed on Valguero yet till october, this means from as well. If you are playing on single player those rules would probably still apply. If you look around you might be able to find a command for single player to get past this. This is just a guess by the way but I hope it helps you get pointed in the right direction on where to look to fix your problem. Good luck.
  6. Summer bash, more like summer crash...
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