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  1. Regarding (Rich) Metal Nodes on Valguero So, I've seen the new golden model for metal nodes on Valguero and it made me question if they were "rich metal" nodes, or simply normal metal with a new look. Which of these is the case? And if these nodes ARE normal metal, what the heck do rich metal nodes look like? Do they even exist on Valg?
  2. No kidding! The game is hard enough when it's working as intended! Things like these really deflate the fun that's left over.
  3. https://ibb.co/KDJ0FFp You, sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar. Thank you. As an aside to Wildcard, why? Why do I need to place extra items to "unlock" certain snaps? Clearly the game is counting them as connected, or else it would fall when the ceiling is removed. Building this is gonna be much more tedious than anticipated lol
  4. So you are suggesting to place a normal ceiling, where exactly? For example, in my third image, you are saying to place a flat square ceiling where the green triangle is? Or under the already-placed triangle slope?
  5. Re: Triangle Roof/Ceiling Snap Points [Console] Okay, so I am struggling to complete my roof, and am appealing to the masses for possible suggestions or workarounds. I've illustrated the problems I've encountered in the images included below: https://ibb.co/m59qg2c - This is simply my floor design, for context. I am trying to have a sloped triangle roof sectioned by normal sloped roofs, but didnt even get that far due to the issues below https://ibb.co/D8RWGR0 - This is the first problem I encountered, when building as one would naturally from the ground up. As you can see, there is no snap point to attach a Triangle Ceiling to a Triangle Roof https://ibb.co/wcxxs6S - And this is the second roadblock, when I attempted to cheese the design by building downward from the top. Here, the Triangle Roof has no available "downward" postion, even when cycling through all available snap points and rotations, something I have only encountered when building down from the top like this. So, I will run into one of these problems regardless of whether I start from the bottom or top. I'm hoping one of you veterans will be able to offer up a solution! It is so irritating to have these pieces in the game and for them to not work in conjunction with one another. Originally, I had tried to build my sloped roof up and inward from the outer edge, but quickly found out that there is a sizeable gap between the Sloped Triangles and where they should intersect with the wall I have acting as a central support. I can include a picture of this as well if needed, but I assume that a snap-point trick is more likely than WC changing the model/orientation for these triangles
  6. can confirm this bug still persists in the game as of June 5, 2019. just lost a gacha while swapping gachas around. pretty irritating bug considering gachas passively pick things up and will reach slot-cap themselves, making the likelihood of this happening go up. havent seen this bug written about or acknowledged in any way by the dev team, and this was the only forum post i could find that was related, so I figured I would at least corroborate OP's story. The bug exists, it is tied to being at slot cap and freezing a tame, mislabels said frozen tame as an empty pod, and if you're unlucky like me, you won't notice before it's too late. Just disallow me from freezing tames while at slot cap, boom, problem solved. This is the type of thing that shouldnt make it to the live game, WC.
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