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  1. Okay so this has been going on FAR FAR too long. Seriously? Ina game where you'll make it take literally TWO WEEKs to raise something if you go NON stop...when YOUR game, that WE PAID for glitches thanks tot he SAME programming errors it's had since BETA.....you won't help anyone anymore? We do everything right, get our babies well past 10% Fill troughs, fill them, and EVEN, EVEN make basic kibble to give them each that extra edge.... And then they don't eat. They just stop. Today, over a dozen multi generational tames of ours died, all at the EXACT same time. With Food on the troughs, food on them (I know because I picked up their bags) and KIBBLE, 50 pieces per tame, and 100 pieces per the 16 troughs (ALL meat eaters BTW)... Over a month of breeding lines, collecting wilds, countless hours of all ten members time...we still do EVERYTHING RIGHT....EVEN A DAMN DAODON NURSEMAID.....and they, due to your programming, starve and die. And you don't want to help by giving us the dino's we put in the work for. It's not our fault, it's YOUR fault ARK. WILDCARD. DEVS. You know, the time we, especially working adults, put into this game HAS VALUE....MORE value than you putting in a command and fixing your error! Your egregious error! HOW can this be okay? HOW can you not come to the aid of your players? WITH SCREEN SHOTTED EVIDENCE! OVe adoen tames, different species, different maturities all die the SAME MINUTE! You KNOW about this problem. You KNOW there is nothing we can do about it. But come to YOU for help, and you tell us to screw ourselves, and that our real life time has less value than you coming in and replacing some digital dinos. This makes me want to quit.
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