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  1. Devs currently leaving this tames as a go, tapas of 9k-12k seem fair on easy also brontos with 60-90k are getting accepted on easy servees. Most alphas have this types of tames as to what iseen any server you join will have this tames for sure.
  2. Get a quetz with plataform, grapple the unconscious guy and make ur friend fly only way i found to take
  3. @WarDrumKeys “ Hi there. We are currently not taking action against people with floating turrets, as anyone can build them and they are relatively easy to take down.” This is what you said about floating towers, can you show the “relatively easy” part of taking down a floating tower in easy difficulty with are barely 10k quetz that took several months to get to that hp and its still no match for 10 turrets shooting it at once even with a gold chain and a asc saddle.
  4. ^ go to pve fam, u clearly don’t know what your talking about
  5. Boi, floating towers don’t use foundations. Have you even seen one lol? They high in the air you can’t get close to em without flying tames.
  6. @WarDrumKeys mind showing me how “easy” it is to destroy one in easy difficulty. I get it’s a one structure down and all tower is down but if you could actually show an example, because we have tried many ways there isn’t aGood way without exploited tames. Remove this exploit.
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